Maharashtra Nature Park

Maharashtra Nature Park is a manmade forest surrounded by natural mangrove which is spread over 37 acres, was previously the biggest dumping ground.

The Park has a wide variety of flora. There are over 580 species of plants found here. They have been grown and cared in sections of vegetation that people can check out like the Forest Section, the Spice Section, the Vegetable Section, a section for Medicinal Plants, a Vermicompost section and a Nursery. This area is established for educational purposes. Visitors can get to witness a good number of plants belonging to each of these categories. Botanist, Zoologists, Study Groups, Nature Lovers often visit the attraction for they get to see those plant and animal species. Visitors can get entry where they can study and capture these species in photographs for reference. Moreover, Interested ones may also head to the nursery to buy a few saplings for themselves at affordable rates. They can get more insights into how to care for their plants.

MNP is a must visit place where you will find variety of plants. Here you can explore without facing any difficulties, boards are placed with directions written on it.

However, MNP is maintained in a way where students can learn while enjoying the nature.Here, you can see small group of friends, family sometimes foreigners as well while exploring the park.

For better education and understanding of school children, It is recommended to get a guide along for a better understanding and deeper knowledge about flora and fauna inside.

Stones are placed with names written on it for understanding the different types of plants.

Address:Maharashtra Nature Park, Sion Bandra Link Road, Dharavi, opp. Bus Depot, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400017.

Timings: 8:30am-3:30pm(All days)

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